Salmeron group 


Cover photo: LTSTM image of water monolayer on Pd(111)

Welcome to the Salmeron group!

The research in the group of Professor Miquel Salmeron is centered on the nanometer scale chemical, electronic, and mechanical properties of surfaces and interfaces.

The group currently consists of 4 postdocs, 1 visiting student

You can read more about the research activities in the Salmeron group by clicking on the images below: 

APXPS for solid-gas interface

KPFM for nanostructures

Nano-FTIR for solid-liquid interface

HPSTM for solid-gas interface

EY-XANES for solid-liquid interface

SFG for solid-liquid interface

Recent meeting video record by group

AVS ultra-thin oxide membranes by Prof. Miquel Salmeron

zoom_AVS talk on ultrathin membranes for solid-liquid interface studies.mp4